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Sestrichka Alyonushka Fantasy Neaven of CowboyClaws

Lilac Point with Blue Eyes Peterbald Female Cat

born January 2012, WCF registered-

Import from Russia


Photos taken April  8, 2012

full of personality and playfulness; a very active girl who is aware and interested in everything




photos taken April 18, 2012

such a cute, cute, cute baby




May 7, 2012

had to color in the black of her eyes because the flash turned them red (so it's not quite natural)




June 26, 2012

grew a brush coat for awhile





July 29, 2012

we went outside to get better quality photos in the natural lighting but we held her the entire time

she is an indoor only cat




August  31, 2012




September 2, 2012

big girl now -8 months old



October 28, 2012




November 1, 2012

temporary hormonal skin splotches from going into heat



November 14, 2012

Practicing poses for the professional photo shoot




November 16, 2012

These 3 photos were taken by Helmi




November 29, 2012

these inexpensive cardboard scratchers with catnip are a favorite toy



December 21, 2012

Must get this one tiny little spot on the back cleaned just right 



December 23, 2012

the only one who is always up to share the first cup of coffee with you in the morning







Sister is hairless now with just a few long coarse scraggly hairs hanging on.  They will be gone soon too

Sister has really long thin lines and is very extreme and exotic looking.  She stands out in a crowd!!


Sister follows me everywhere I go.  She sits right beside me when I am on the computer.  She is in my lap if I sit in a chair.

When she runs around behind and in front of me as we walk along, she hums the whole time like she's got an engine running.

She talks a lot in a really pretty voice with a wide variety of tones.  I think she understands a lot of what I say but what is unusual is that

she is not as opinionated and strong willed as some cats can be.  She's really cooperative and helpful with the other cats.


more photos soon...

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