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CowboyClaws The Outlaws Alibi

Seal Point with Blue Eyes Female Peterbald Cat

born and raised inside our home as part of our family

born  5/19/12 , TICA Registered



Photo taken May 19, 2012

waving to her new friends



Photo taken May 30, 2012



Photo Taken June 1, 2012



Photos taken June 13,2012





June 22 , 2012

1 months old





Photo Taken July 2, 2012



July 14, 2012

2 months old - no thanks for that ear cleaning!




Photo taken August 13, 2012




September 4, 2012

just playing with some toys




November 1, 2012

sleeping with her special blankie toy




December 23, 2012

We made her a special fleece jacket with a mouse toy attached to the back, fish in the tummy and a heart on the left chest. 

She sure thinks she's special now!!





January 25, 2013

hairless with fur points at the moment

her body looks and feels like soft nubuck leather. The fur on her points is very soft except for the tail which is coarse hairs.






Where'd that brush coat come from?  The Peterbald coats are very unusual and can change over the first 3 years before the final coat is reached.

In January, Alibi had a hairless body while her brother, Outlaw, had sporadic hairs across in back.  Then in March, Outlaw has a hairless

body while Alibi has grown some hair.  Sometimes, it seems like the coats react to the weather, stress or hormones.  I'm sure this is not her final coat though!!  (surely not!) 


more photos  soon

see her photo pedigree

Her geneology traces back to the very first Peterbald ever

& to the very first Peterbald imported into the USA.