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CH Gatika Codeli for  CowboyClaws

Chocolate Tabby with Green Eyes Peterbald Female Cat

born  November 26, 2011

Import from Russia , TICA Registered


Picture April 8, 2012





Pictures April 11, 2012




April 13, 2012 

with her brother



Pictures taken May 7,  2012




June 26, 2012

just got ears cleaned!




July 6,  2012




September 8, 2012





October 3, 2012




October 6, 2012

With the ribbons she won at the show in Florida.  After the final was over the judge illegally re-awarded Gatika's 3rd place ribbon to another exhibitor.

That's TICA!  That's how they do it!



October 28, 2012





November 1, 2012



November 16, 2012

We were so lucky that Helmi allowed us to come over to her home studio for professional photos

These following two photos were taken by HelmiFlick




December 21, 2012




December 23, 2012





Stretching her back leg onto the top of the cat bed so she can rest her chin.  That's a smart girl!!




Gatika is mostly hairless on her body with just a few scraggly hairs on the hips. She still has all her stripes.  She is a very extreme

and exotic looking girl with long,lean lines.  She has a very laid back personality and is never in a hurry to get anywhere. She

usually arrives for snacks so late that she just licks the empty plate unless we give her a special portion all her own.


more photos soon...

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